Compliment Your Retirement With A Peaceful Living


Is it really possible to attain financial peace of mind while chasing your dreams as you retire? The answer probably lies within your interest and how you go about your plans. Retirement, for sure, can be intimidating but defining your journey ahead for the rest of your life is what resonates back and offers a worry-free lifestyle in the longer run.

To a surprise, while most people juggle mortgage payments, job stress, and discordant demands of home and work, the retirees are enjoying the fruits of their labour. With debt-free homes, thriving social lives, and time on their hands, people in Australia who are over the age of 60 are hitting a life satisfaction score of 79.7 as per the latest Australian Unity Wellbeing Index.

According to surveys, many seniors agree to be in a “golden triangle of well being”, leveraging strong relationships, financial security, and a sense of aspiration in life.

The over 50s retirement villages are, however, swiftly responding to this state of positivity by offering avant-garde living environment that is far from the common notion of being “old people’s homes”. From gardening to lawn bowls, pilates to choral singing, the retirees are busy doing everything they always wanted to do when they simply didn’t have time for while they were working.

Here is how you can couple your retirement with a happy and peaceful living:

Life In A Village

Living in lifestyle and retirement villages can facilitate a supportive environment, encourage independence and offer the ability to rejoice social as well as leisure activities of your choice. Not to mention, many residents have also accepted the fact that they have become more confident, social, and active after moving to a retirement village while some even go as far as to say that they wished they’d have moved in sooner.

While each village boasts its own culture, they are entirely based on a community-focussed environment and ‘senior friendly’ criteria. The residents are usually surrounded by friendly, welcoming, and ‘like-minded’ neighbours.

Independence Is Important

With retirement comes liberty- the liberty to enjoy living at your convenient pace. Well at least, it seems to be the preeminent yearning of the retirees- the ability to wake up without the noise of alarm clocks, the freedom to go wherever and whenever you want- without having to frown about the heavy duties and responsibilities.

Nonetheless, the major objective of retirement living is to lend a helping hand in case of any emergency situations and the onsite safety & security ultimately gives you peace of mind.

Essence Of Lifestyle Villages

When the decision of moving into an individual living unit or retirement village has been made, the physical existence of ‘the move’ can be overwhelming. Not only you kill your fear of staying alone but also offer your life a second chance to relive your memories- only in a better way!

Not to mention, most retirement and lifestyle villages have an extensive sense of community and while you are motivated to join social events and participate in activities, it is not obligatory to actually go for all of that.

For an instance, the residents of SA Lifestyle Villages get to leverage different facilities including the library, gym, salon, outdoor dining area, spa, heated swimming pool, bowling green, events room, and workshop. Afternoons spent watching televised sport and regular ‘Happy Hours’ are also desired activities among some residents.

The Right Time To Move

Retirement is not a single event- it is a process which requires vigilant planning to foster a game plan that accounts for the most intimidating thoughts about retirement lifestyle. Going through all the “what-if’s” and defining how you wish to spend the rest of your life demands a little bit of soul-searching.

Recognising and addressing prime concerns prematurely in the planning stages can surely be time-consuming but the time invested in searching your desired abode will ultimately help you in achieving your ideal retirement. For a better understanding, SA Lifestyle villages work through following aspects to help the retirees plan how to:

  • Define their retirement life with appropriate plans
  • Cater to their retirement concerns
  • Offer a retirement spending plan

Blissful Life After Retirement

In the context of a long and healthy life, planning for the impact of retirement & downsizing as well as ensuring that you do not outlive your savings is very crucial. Either by necessity or by choice, having to work during retirement can sometimes be daunting and most of the seniors don’t want to go through the same pain.

The retirement villages, therefore, are designed in such a way that it could minimize every possible sufferings and discomfort to the old-age groups. The commitment and liabilities are substituted with some sort of skills, hobbies, or crafts that you always wanted to learn but never had time. A place you always wanted to travel & explore but couldn’t. In our opinion, retirement is the perfect time to dedicate your life-long efforts into nurturing those cloaked interests and re-living your dreams. As you define your life after retirement, spare some time to seek new experiences- new adventures, exploration, hobbies, travel- whatever suits your interest. It’s not wrong if we say- you’ve earned it!

How Can We Help You?

Retirement is contemplated as a time for both accomplishment and renewal, and the course to achieve this often comes with excitement and jitters. Our retirement Villages in Adelaide, Moonta, Port Pirrie, and Kapunda are specially planned to offer maximum lifestyle benefits and facilities to the residents. Moreover, we understand the fact that everyone desires something different out of their retirement. Less maintenance and more security. The freedom to connect with friends. Constant support from people you trust. Well, whatever you are seeking, our retirement community has got you covered so that you can gift the rest of your life a peaceful living!